adidas Predator 20+ First Look

Evolution Of The Predator

Since the first time adidas introduced the Predator back in 1994, it was obvious it was here to innovate. The first model included rubber strike zones on the upper which had never been seen on a cleat before. The following year it added fold-over tongues, and the year after that it included Traxion studs. The Predator has evolved and helped some of soccer’s greatest legends like Zinadine Zidane and David Beckham score memorable goals that changed their careers forever. The iconic Black and Red cleat is a fan favorite and has a rich history in the game. Now, at the start of a new decade, the Predator is on a mission to dominate your game by giving you the unfair advantage and to be the most feared cleat on the planet.

Predator 20+ Mutator Pack

New Look For The Predator 20+

The new look is exactly what you would expect a cleat named Predator to look like. It looks intimidating. It has a fearsome frame. It’s covered in spines. They look dangerous, and that’s exactly what it wants.

Demon Skin

The Predator will be available in a variety of different tiers with lace or laceless options and for the first time since its return in 2018, there will be a low cut ankle model similar to the earlier Predators. The biggest noticeable change is the aggressive 406 rubber spines placed on the upper strike zones known as Demon Skin. 100% Legal. 0% Fair. Not only does it complete the Predator look but they’re strategically designed and placed in areas that allow you to grip, bend, and improve ball control in any type of weather condition.

Predator 20+ Mutator Pack

The Predator 20+

The Predator 20+ has a heel to toe upper knit construction in order to enhance a soft touch and feel when controlling the ball. The laceless design provides an adaptive fit that expands with your movements. It has a sharp extended sock-like collar around the ankle that keeps you locked in and stabilized. A split control frame outsole features hybrid stud tips that dig into the grass to give you maximum traction.

Keep an eye on some of adidas top athletes like Paul Pogba, Mezut Ozil, and Ivan Rakitic wearing the newest generation of Predators.

Predator 20+ Mutator Pack

Predator 20.1

The 20.1 silhouette focuses on personal preference and is available in two options. One including the adaptive sock-fit collar, and the other in a brand new low cut version. Both have knit coated uppers and have lace closures but otherwise, keep the same technologies as the 20+.

Style Options For Youth Players

Generally, most releases give youth sizes and lower-tier models one general version of the pack. The Predator Launch offers more variety and includes youth sizes to also have the option of the sock or low cut entry.
The 20.3 will have lace and laceless options and a low cut version also. The Full launch includes running trainers and models for artificial and indoor surfaces to give you the advantage in any type of match.

Available at soccerloco

We’re excited to see the Predators continue to evolve and bring innovative style and tech into the game. Once again they have shown off a look no one has seen before and created a new identity that perfectly defines the Predator. The Mutator Pack will debut its first release in its iconic Red and Black colorway with the rest of the adidas lineup following up shortly after. Find your unfair advantage at to get your pair. You’re not cheating the system. You’re just bending the rules.

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