The Nike LVL UP Superfly is a special edition release worn exclusively by Samantha Kerr, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kylian Mbappe. Such a lofty name as LVL UP deserves such exclusivity and it’s hard to think of better players to wear it.

The LVL UP Superfly features the safari print originally seen back in 1987 on a Nike Air running shoe. More recently, it was seen on the 2010 Mercurial that Ronaldo wore. The safari print looks like the spots you’d see on a cheetah or leopard. It is mainly on the portion of the upper that has ACC (All-Conditions Control). This means you see that reflective print on the black of the swoosh as well as the creamy white of the upper. It’s hard to describe, but it looks fantastic and we’ve actually put our unboxing video below so you can see for yourself.

LVL Up Superfly

The LVL UP Superfly

The style stripe that wraps the toe and soleplate of the cleat is actually a combination of numerous iconic Mercurials of the past. That same style stripe is featured at the front of the collar as well as on the aglet of the shoelaces. Putting on the shoes, you will notice the pattern once again on the insoles. It’s a subtle touch that fans will appreciate even if they’re the only ones that see it.

The LVL UP Superfly is truly eye-catching and it needs the bag to match. Fortunately, Nike did not disappoint there. The cinch bag included takes the same level of style and swagger and puts it on full display. The safari print is metallic and reflective on the bag and while we normally don’t talk about cinch bags, this one was worth mentioning.

The LVL UP Superfly is available at soccerloco in Elite, Pro, and Academy models. To see the difference between the expensive and cheap soccer cleats, check out our guide. The LVL UP Superfly is available for firm ground, turf, and indoor. All orders over $99 ship free.

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