The Nike Phantom Venom Fully Charged colorway was unveiled today. It is a truly unique colorway that is part work of art and part deadly in front of goal.

The Phantom Venom is designed for strikers and the colorway was originally going to be called Strike Night. It’s easy to see why as the upper looks like a starry night sky with streaks of dark blue “lightning” flashing across it. It is an easy transition to Fully Charged as these are full of venom and have the aforementioned streaks of lightning.

Phantom Venom Fully Charged

The Phantom Venom Fully Charged

While the color is new and will no doubt be a matter of personal preference, the technology in the cleats remains the same. The Precision Strike Zone is ever present with it’s 13 angled ridges traced in neon pink. The stretchy Flyknit tongue and upper combine amazingly well with the flywire to give a snug fit with all the lockdown a striker needs. The asymmetrical lacing and Flyknit lace cover give a huge strike zone that is 30% larger than the previous Hypervenoms.

The Phantom Venom Fully Charged colorway is truly unique and it’s hard to remember a color quite like this one. This now marks the 3rd colorway since the Phantom Venom’s release and this is by far the boldest. It is sure to draw a reaction and if your game is a work of art, these are the cleats for you.

See them in more detail in the unboxing video below and then order yours at soccerloco with free shipping on orders over $99. If you want more information on the Phantom Venom and all of Nike’s lineup, check out our Guide to Nike Soccer Cleats.


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