Today, Nike unveiled the new Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors. The shoes feature “shhh” all over the base of the cleats in line with Neymar’s tattoo that he has on his left pointer finger. Rather than being a response to any haters, the Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors are inspired by Neymar’s inner focus and his ability to silence distractions and become a better player and man.

Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors

The new Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors

The Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors have a stunning Flyknit upper that is a black, white, and charcoal mix that blends into white as you get down to the soleplate. There are some nice subtle touches from Nike such as the Neymar logo on the heel of the cleat with a crown above it on one shoe and a diamond on the other. Alegria and Ousadia are on the aglet of the shoe laces which mean “joy” and “bravery”. These words are tattoed on Neymar and consistently appear on his signature cleats.

The cinch bag for carrying these cleats feature the same “shhh” design along with the Neymar logo and completes a stunning new edition of Neymar cleats. The Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors, of course, feature all the same technology players have come to love from the Vapor. The 360 Flyknit upper, split sole plate, and All-Conditions Control are all there. This edition is simply a very special Neymar edition color way.

Let us know what you think of the new release in the comments below. Be sure to check out our unboxing video below for an up close look. Our guide to Nike cleats is also a fantastic reference for more details on Nike’s entire soccer cleat line.

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