The Nike Game Over Superfly and Mercurial Vapor were unveiled today to complete the Game Over pack. This pack is unique in that it combines two different colorways to make one pack. Typically, we see the packs comprise a similar color scheme, but Nike has truly let their design indulgences run wild.

The Nike Game Over Superfly and Mercurial Vapor boast an anthracite grey base with highlights of yellow. The yellow stripes may remind you of the Neymar Brazil edition Vapor that came out this past World Cup (or it may just be us that thought that). It does look like Nike took inspiration from the road markings in Europe when designing the stripes that adorn the outsole and insole of these cleats. They are akin to a high visibility message warning defenders to stay away lest they suffer the embarrassment of being owned by a player rocking a pair of these.


Nike Game Over Mercurial

These stripes are a warning for defenders

Nike has called this the Game Over pack and has now made a clear distinction in their silos. The Phantom family focuses on precision and contains the Venom and the Vision. Two very different cleats designed for players of a different ilk, but bearing the family name nonetheless. The Mercurial family focuses on nothing but speed and contains the Superfly and Vapor. One thing that is clear is that Nike is going all out attack. There is no “cleat for defenders” here. Nike has opted to play all midfielders and forwards and go for the jugular. And we applaud them for it!

The Game Over Nike Superfly and Mercurial Vapor are another creative venture in the world of colorways. It is bold and demands a response from anyone beholding them. Love them or hate them, they make you feel something and we love that Nike continues to push the design boundaries.

Get the full scoop on the entire Nike line up in our Guide to Nike soccer cleats. See the Nike Game Over Superfly and Mercurial up close and personal in our unboxing video below.

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