The adidas Exhibit Pack is adidas’ first big color way of 2019. For this pack, the 3 stripes have gone with some tried and trusted base colors with some subtle style touches. Known for calling on creators, the adidas Exhibit Pack is aimed at players who want to put on a show on the pitch. Art exhibit anyone?


The Predator gets a classic blue paint job with highlights of red and silver thrown in. The Primeknit on the upper has flecks of darker blue on it and there is a lot to love about this new color.

The first thing we’re reminded of when we look at the adidas Exhibit Pack Predator is a Great White shark. The red highlights in the ridges remind us of gills and the contrasting blues in the Primeknit remind us of the skin of a shark with it’s flecks of dark grey. It may be just us that sees a Great White here, but it’s hard to imagine a better predator in the animal kingdom than that. Somehow we think adidas would agree.

adidas Exhibit Pack Predator

The adidas Exhibit Pack Predator

True cleat enthusiasts may recognize something in this new Predator that they’ve seen in the old one. We couldn’t help but be reminded of a certain classic blue, red, and white colorway from years past.

Inspiration for the adidas Exhibit Pack Predator

The inspiration for the adidas Exhibit Pack Predator?


The X is the newest cleat in adidas’ line up, but it also takes inspiration from the past. The F50 adizero was a much-loved cleat worn by many a speedster who wanted the lightest cleats possible. The X has taken this heritage and combined it with modern technology to deliver the F50 for the next generation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t draw on some classic designs.

The adidas Exhibit Pack X is the inverse of the Predator. A bright red is the base color for the upper with a classic blue heel counter to contrast. The 3 stripes adorn the outside of the foot in reflective silver to provide the perfect finishing touch.

adidas Exhibit Pack X 18+

The adidas Exhibit Pack X 18+

It’s easy to see where adidas might have taken inspiration from when you flip through past designs of the F50 adizeoro.

inspiration for the adidas Exhibit Pack X

Inspiration for the adidas Exhibit Pack X?


adidas Exhibit Pack Nemeziz

The adidas Exhibit Pack Nemeziz


If you’re going to put on a show, you want all eyes on you. The adidas Exhibit Pack Nemeziz is hard to miss on any field due to it’s luminescent yellow color. This has become a popular color among cleat manufacturers and players seem to love it as well.

adidas have upped the ante on the Exhibit Pack adding a reflective soleplate in the same neon color. If you turn them over on a bright day, the reflection from the sun can be blinding. While that won’t necessarily help your game, it will certainly give players a little bit of fun when they’re putting their cleats on with their teammates.

No matter which cleat you choose in the adidas Exhibit Pack, you’re going to have a cleat that has style for days and a bold look to help you stand out. They’re perfect for putting on a creative show on the field. While there won’t be any museums or picture frames, these cleats are a work of art in themselves.

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