What soccer cleats should I get? The question that has perplexed many a soccer player in recent times. With the huge amount of selection and colorways constantly being released, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

There are a few key criteria that we focus in on when determining what soccer cleats will be best for you. We put together this handy 5 question quiz to point you in the right direction. We’d highly recommend you at least try on whatever is suggested. Your result may confirm that what you’re wearing now is best for you. Who knows though? You may just find your brand new favorite pair of cleats.

We hope the quiz helped. If you’re looking for more insights, we have plenty of options. Our guide to buying soccer cleats will give you additional insights and looks at a few additional items that the quiz doesn’t cover.

If you have wide feet for example, then our guide to soccer cleats for wide feet will help you determine what soccer cleats are best for you. We also have cleat recommendations by position for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

One additional consideration is that you can buy the same silo of cleat in a few different models. That can get confusing very quickly, so we put together a guide to expensive vs cheap soccer cleats to help. In the guide, we look at the adidas X silo and go through all the models to discuss the differences in materials used and pricing. It’s a great additional resource to help you buy the right pair.

If you’ve looked through everything and you know you need the highest quality of cleats available, we’ve still got ways to help you save. Our guide to getting cheap soccer cleats shows you how to save money on the best cleats all year long.

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