The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Calfskin is the answer to many Californian’s cleat dreams. For the past few years, the kangaroo leather Tiempo has been illegal to sell or own in the state of California. That’s not to say that it wasn’t being sold in some locations, but it was a lot harder to get your hands on. At soccerloco, we chose to follow the rules and have not been able to sell the elite level of one of Nike’s most popular cleats for a few years. While that was frustrating for both us and our customers, we felt it was right to obey the rules.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Calfskin

The answer to California’s kangaroo leather ban

Enter the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Calfskin to solve all our problems. Boasting an ultra-soft calfskin leather upper, the Nike Tiempo 7 has plenty of other innovations to make it stand out among the crowd. For the first time ever on a Tiempo, the heel is made up of Nike’s stretchy and supportive Flyknit. If you’ve ever worn it on another pair of cleats, you know how comfortable and amazing it is. Flyknit also replaces the tongue on these cleats for enhanced comfort and fit.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Calfskin

The upper on the calfskin Tiempo (left) is actually softer than the kangaroo leather

The upper also contains Nike’s Flywire construction which helps wrap your foot and form the upper once they’re laced up. The calf leather upper is actually softer than the kangaroo leather and will mold nicely over time. Be sure to check out the pros and cons of synthetic vs leather uppers to fully understand the differences. Nike has also taken great care to remove weight from these cleats so they are ultralight. You’ll forget you even have them on!

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Calfskin

Only premium calfskin leather is used on the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Calfskin

Get more info on the tiempo and all of Nike’s cleats in our Guide to Nike Soccer Cleats.

You can see all the details in the video below and hear what they’re like on your feet. You can get buy them at soccerloco and get free shipping on orders over $99 with the discount code FWHOOKUP.


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