The limited edition Nike Jordan PSG Vapors were unveiled today. The all black Mercurial Vapor 360 features a red stripe on the heel with the Jordan logo in the center. The black upper is contrasted with small white dots for a subtle design touch that is noticeable but not overpowering. A metallic red soleplate completes the design of this elegant limited edition offering.

Jordan PSG VaporsJordan PSG VaporsJordan PSG VaporsAt the same time, the Jordan PSG jersey was unveiled and will be worn on field by the club. On top of the excitement of having the Jordan logo on the cleats and jersey, there are a few details that tie the two together. The dots on the upper of the Jordan PSG Vapors ties in closely with that of the jersey. Both the jersey and the cleats feature the red of the Chicago Bulls whom Jordan is most closely associated with from his playing days.

Jordan PSG VaporsThere are plenty of additional details worth getting excited about. Nike really know how to make a limited edition something special and the packaging and extras on these cleats show that. Nike even brought out a special logo spelling out “Paris” with the “A” in Paris being the Jordan logo. The box itself is one you’ll want to hang on to because of this. It features the logo on the top and has a classy satin finish. Inside you’ll find packaging paper with the limited edition logo and a swanky vinyl hang tag featuring the same. You can easily detach it from the lacing and use it as a keychain or anything else you can imagine. It doesn’t stop there though.

One of our favorite parts of this entire release is the cleat bag that is included. While Nike usually offer a cleat bag with all Elite level cleats, this one is unique. It is made of a thicker black satin like material that will feel right whether you’re traveling first class on a plane or walking to your local field. The bag features the Jordan Jumpman logo on one side and the limited edition Paris logo on the other. It is a bag that you’ll want to hang on to for years to come.


The release is extremely limited and will not be available for long when it officially goes on sale September 14th. We would recommend you act quickly if you have your heart set on a pair. Nike know how to make a limited edition release that players clamor for. They have done a fantastic job here and you can add this to the long list of amazing Nike limited edition releases. If you want to see Nike’s full lineup, check out our guide to Nike soccer cleats.

Watch our full video review below to get up close and personal as we unbox the Jordan PSG Vapors.

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