The 2018/19 Barcelona 3rd jersey will see the Blaugrana represent their city in Europe like never before. Printed on the front of the jersey is an aerial view of the famous Barcelona district L’Eixample. When translated, this means expansion and references the cities historical significance and visionary design. At the time long straight streets, wide avenues, and square blocks were uncommon and designer Ildefons Cerdà took transport and ventilation into consideration. L’Eixample sits between the old city and what were once small towns and contains some notable architecture from the likes of Antoni Gaudí amongst others.

Worked into the aerial view on the jersey is a pink sash that runs diagonally across the front. This sash is actually right where the street named Avinguda Diagonal runs. It is a fantastic way of incorporating the design of the jersey with the aerial view of the city.

Barcelona 3rd Jersey

A close up of the aerial view imprinted on the Barcelona 3rd Jersey

The jersey will be worn in European competition and comes in both a match and stadium version. The match jersey is made of Nike’s dynamic VaporKnit fabric and is an exact match of what players wear on the field. VaporKnit is very well ventilated and dries quickly while giving the form fit and stretchability players love. Nike also offer a stadium (replica) jersey for supporters that features Dri-Fit fabric and offers more room in the torso and shoulders for a looser fit. If you’d like to know all the differences between authentic and replica jerseys, check out our handy guide that gives you all the details.

The ever present Senyera runs down the back of the neck of the jersey and represents Catalan more than any other symbol. It also appears on the team crest and is consistently found in FC Barcelona’s jerseys as the club identifies so closely with the city and people it represents. “Mes que un club” is the club’s motto and the 18/19 Barcelona 3rd jersey embodies this philosophy as well as any other jersey before it.

Barcelona 3rd Jersey

The Senyera on the back of the neck of the Barcelona 3rd jersey


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