The Jordan PSG jersey was unveiled today marking the first partnership of its kind for the Jordan brand. While Jordan are the jersey manufacturers in a number of American sports, this marks the first time they have made an on field jersey for a professional soccer team. The jersey completes PSG’s 2018/19 lineup with the home and away jerseys having been revealed earlier this year.

The jersey coincides with the launch of Jordan PSG Mercurial Vapors and the two releases share some design details. The Jordan PSG partnership was large enough that it warranted it’s own special logo. This comes in the form of “Paris” being spelled so the “A” in Paris is actually a Jordan Jumpman logo. This logo adorns both the cleats and jersey.

Jordan PSG Jersey

On the jersey, the special logo has been heat pressed on the inside of the collar. The well known Jordan Jumpman logo is colored white and adorns the right breast of the shirt while the PSG crest gets a monochromatic white and black make over on the left breast.  This contrasts nicely with the all black jersey and keeps it simple and elegant. One vertical stripe runs down the center of the jersey and is made up of numerous small white dots. These same dots appear on the Jordan PSG Vapor cleats and ties the two items together nicely. You can only imagine how Neymar will look when wearing both on match day.

Jordan PSG JerseyJordan PSG Jersey

One final detail that completes the Jordan PSG jersey is the call out to Jordan’s playing days. On the back of the jersey starting at the top runs red, black, and white stripes. They are laid out exactly like the trim on the Chicago Bulls’ uniforms in the NBA. The Bulls are of course the team Jordan is most closely associated with and it is a nice call out to a special partnership.

Jordan PSG Jersey

This is not the first time we’ve seen Jordan and Neymar partner. Previously they combined forces on some special edition Hypervenoms. However, this partnership feels much bigger as it includes more than just footwear and more than just one athlete. With other Jordan PSG merchandise already released, this may not be the last time we see the two power houses team up.

The Jordan PSG jersey will be released in both an on field authentic version and a stadium version designed for supporters. To understand the differences between replica and authentic jerseys, check out our handy guide.

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