There are a lot of soccer cleats available, but not every pair will be comfortable if you have wide feet. We tried on literally every pair on the market with our resident wide footed player to determine the best soccer cleats for wide feet. We hope these recommendations give you that extra bit of comfort to save your feet from blisters and other pain.

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet


New Balance Furon and Tekela

The Furon (bottom) and Tekela (top) come in a wide foot edition

1. New Balance Furon or Tekela wide width 2E – While we are aware there are two cleats mentioned here, we felt they deserved to share the top spot because they are the only cleats around to offer a wide footed option. New Balance made their name by making incredibly comfortable and supportive shoes for running and these models pull on that knowledge to fit like a dream.

The Furon is the cleat to choose if you are a player that strikes the ball a lot such as a forward or goalkeeper. It has features like a cleanlace contact zone that gives you more of the upper for connecting with the ball. On top of a wider soleplate for your foot to fill, the stretch mesh upper ensures you have plenty of give while still having that snug tight fit players love.

The Tekela is made specifically for speed players with a flexible Polyurethane upper that gives support during sprints without being rigid. It once again benefits from a wider soleplate and the elasticated collar ensures a comfortable fit for even the widest of feet.

Nike Phantom Vision

The Phantom VSN are accommodating to wide feet

2. Nike Phantom Vision – The Phantom VSN has a few features that lend themselves nicely to wider feet. The first being the new Quadfit bootie that stretches 4 ways for the most comfortable custom fit straight out of the box. It really can’t be overstated how comfortable and custom fitting this system is. Nike have access to some of the very few 4D knitting looms in the world. The result is an internal sock bootie that fits your foot like a glove regardless of how wide it is.

From there, Nike’s Flyknit material used in the upper is incredibly stretchy and form-fitting. That upper is then covered with their All Conditions Control (ACC) coating to give grip in all conditions. The stretchy upper and form fitting Quadfit bootie combine to make this the ideal cleat for wider feet.


adidas Nemeziz

The adidas Nemeziz are amazingly comfortable for wide footed players

3. adidas Nemeziz – The Nemeziz is adidas’ dedicated agility silo and is made for twisting and turning at high speed. In order to accomplish this, adidas studied the hand wraps that boxers use and came up with their own Torsion Tape. This forms the  360 Agility Bandage System that is the upper on these cleats. adidas used Primeknit in the bandages which is incredibly stretchy and flexible while remaining strong for a snug fit. The result is a cleat that stretches comfortably for even the widest feet.

The Nemeziz comes in both laceless (18+) and laced (18.1) options so you really can’t go wrong regardless of your preference. Typically wide players and attack minded players prefer the Nemeziz, but it is a versatile cleat that would be at home on any wide foot regardless of position.

Now that you have our expert recommendations for wide feet, be sure to check out our guide to getting cheap soccer cleats so you can find out how to save on the perfect pair.

We’d always recommend trying on a pair of cleats before you buy them as well. If you’d like to see a few other options based on your position or playing style, be sure to check out our guides to the best cleats for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

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