If you love the World Cup and you love a bargain, this guide to getting cheap World Cup jerseys is for you. It’s important to know that manufacturers are ultimately the ones that control the pricing of jerseys and there are restrictions in place on retailers regarding pricing. As such, you will struggle to find an authentic jersey for much less than full price while the team is still in the tournament.The best you’ll do for cheap World Cup jerseys while a team is in the tournament is slight discounts when you add the jersey to your cart. This is a nuance of the price restrictions we spoke of earlier. However, the story changes once the team goes out of the tournament. And that’s where the secret lies.

Cheap World Cup Jerseys

2018 Colombia home jersey

If you’re happy to have your team’s shirt for a memento or to keep for future tournaments, waiting until they go out of the tournament is by far the best way to get cheap World Cup jerseys. Discounts will vary but you can count on retailers wanting to get out of any remaining stock as soon as possible. We’d highly recommend acting fast though or else you may struggle to find the jersey you want in your size.

Fortunately, we have a page where you can get cheap World Cup jerseys and discount jerseys all year long. It’s worth checking back here whenever you want a new jersey and especially as soon as your team goes out. So while we hope your team wins the whole thing, the silver lining is you can save money sooner if they don’t.

If you know what jersey you want, but you’re struggling between replica and authentic, we have a guide that will help you know the difference. Be sure to check out our guide to getting cheap soccer cleats as well for tips on how to save money all year long every time you need a pair of cleats.

Cheap World Cup Jerseys

Mbappe in the 2018 France home jersey

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