Having the best soccer cleats for forwards is vital when playing the most glamorous position on the field. You need the right soccer cleats to help you put the ball in the back of the net. When we look at forwards, we are focusing more on central playing forwards rather than wingers. If you want to see our guide to cleats for wingers, you can go here.

Forwards need to be able to strike a ball cleanly and accurately, dribble a ball at speed, win a header, and ideally have the pace to run in behind the defenders as well. As such, they want a lightweight cleat with good touch on the ball, a larger strike area if possible, and a good heel counter for support in sprints and aerial duels (to understand the terminology used for the parts of the cleat, check out our guide to soccer cleats).

There are a few cleats that fit the bill for a forward’s needs. Be sure to check out our guide to saving money on soccer cleats to see how to get the best deal once you’ve identified the perfect pair.


  1. Nike Hypervenom – with a tag line like “cut, strike, score”, it isn’t hard to see that Nike designed this cleat with strikers and forwards in mind. Every part of this cleat was made specifically for forwards and it checks every box as far as footwear goes. The laces even off set to provide a bigger strike zone for finishing. With top forwards like Kane, Cavani, and Rashford wearing this cleat exclusively, there is no better endorsement. Find out more about these cleats in our guide to Nike soccer cleats.
    The best soccer cleats for forwards

    Nike Hypervenom III Phantom colorway

  2. adidas X – with a laceless design that allows a complete strike zone, and techfit technology giving a responsive tight fit, the X is a fantastic choice for forwards. The Sprintframe soleplate is built for speed so you can get in behind the opposition defense. It’s no wonder they are Luis Suarez’s cleat of choice. If you want more info on what makes this cleat so good, check out our guide to adidas soccer cleats.
    adidas X18+ - the best soccer cleats for forwards

    The adidas X 18+

  3. Puma Future – light weight and with lacing options that allow for a large strike zone, the Future is perfect for putting the ball in the back of the net. The superior lockdown achieved from NetFit technology ensures you’ll be first to the ball more often than not. They are Antoine Griezmann’s go to cleat and he knows a thing or two about scoring goals. Read more about the Future in our guide to Puma soccer cleats.
    Puma Future - Best soccer cleats for forwards

    The Puma Future shown by Antoine Griezmann

  4. adidas Nemeziz – lightweight and available in a laceless model that offers a big strike zone, the Nemeziz is ideal for players in front of goal. If they’re good enough for Messi, they’re good enough for anyone.
    adidas nemeziz - best soccer cleats for forwards

    The adidas nemeziz 18+

While there are no cleats that will make you a better player, there are definitely some that facilitate your play better than others and it’s important to make the right choice. Ultimately, the true test of a cleat is to put it on your feet and play in it. We’d always recommend putting a cleat on and testing it out as much as possible before buying.

If you play another position, check out our guide to cleats for goalkeepers, midfielders, and defenders.

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