Choosing the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers is important. They already have one of the toughest jobs on the field and you don’t want to make it any harder. Goalkeepers need to have excellent footwork, explosive movement, and great reflexes. Their running is limited to short explosive sprints and quick feet around the area. More and more, keepers are being asked to play a variety of passes with the ball at their feet and often strike the ball long from goal kicks and pass backs.

As such, the ideal soccer cleats will have superior lockdown so there is no loss of explosiveness when pushing off, a strong heel counter for support in diving and jumping, and a large strike zone for playing both long and short passes. A textured upper for putting spin on the ball will also be a helpful addition when playing out from the back (to understand the terminology used for the parts of the cleat, check out our guide to soccer cleats).

Fortunately, there are some standouts when looking for the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers. Be sure to check out our guide to saving money on soccer cleats when you’re done to see how to get the best deal once you’ve identified the perfect pair.

Our Recommendations

1. Nike Phantom Vision – not just for playmakers, this cleat allows keepers to play any pass they want thanks to the laceless Flyknit upper covered in Nike’s ACC (All Conditions Control). The quadfit interior booty and ghost lace system combine perfectly with the heel counter give the type of lockdown keepers crave when diving around the area.You don’t need to look far to find a pro goalkeeper in this cleat. Read more about the Phantom Vision in our guide to Nike soccer cleats.

Best cleats for goalkeepers

The Nike Phantom Vision

2. Adidas X – with a strong heel counter and a textured laceless upper, this cleat is ideally suited to goalkeepers who like the ball at their feet. The laces on the knitted sock give the lockdown keepers need for explosive movements so there is no downside with these cleats. It’s no wonder David DeGea wears the X18.1 exclusively. Find out more about the X in our guide to adidas soccer cleats.

adidas X - the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers

adidas X 18+

3. Puma Future – NetFit lacing technology means you will have the right lockdown for exploding out of your set stance and making finger tip saves. The upper is highly textured as well so putting spin on the ball in all weather conditions is not a problem. Petr Cech is a recent convert and he knows a thing or two about goalkeeping. Read more about the Future in our guide to Puma soccer cleats.

Puma Future

The ultimate test for any cleat is to try them on and see how they feel, but you will be on the right path with these suggestions. Be sure to check out our full cleat guides for Nike, adidas, and Puma which give more information on the full array of cleats and their benefits.

It’s easy to tell the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers by looking at what pro keepers are wearing when you watch them on TV. If you look closely, you’ll see the cleats we’ve recommended are amongst the most popular choices for top keepers.

If you are looking at cleats for another position, we also have guides for defenders, midfielders, and forwards as well.

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