Finding cheap soccer cleats doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know what to look for and understand the cadence of how the major brands release their cleats, you’ll almost always be able to find a deal. Imagine being able to find cheap soccer cleats whenever you need a new pair! That’s exactly what this guide aims to do.

The first thing you need to know is that every brand has a set number of models (silos) they offer each year. For example, adidas has 4 models and they are the Predator, X, Nemeziz, and Copa. They will only bring out a new updated version of these models once a year. However, they will bring out multiple colors (known as colorways) of that cleat throughout the year. Where it gets confusing is that every single colorway has a name and a marketing story behind it. Rather than just saying there are new black Predators out, we say there are new Nite Crawler Predators. In this example, Nite Crawler is the name adidas gave the colorway. Its easy to get confused by all the names if you’re not up to speed with how the industry works.

A simpler and more well known comparison for understanding how cleats work is the motor industry. Ford will bring out a new Mustang every year and it will come in multiple colors. The difference between the motor industry and the soccer industry is that all the colors of the car are available when it is released whereas cleats are released one color at a time. Additionally, Ford is not constantly adding names to the Mustang based on the color. They just release the Mustang and the color is down to personal preference. What’s important to note in this analogy is that the actual new model of car is only released once during the year. That is exactly how it is with cleats as well.

Soccer brands will release a new model of a particular cleat only one time a year and then it is all about colors. The actual cleat is the exact same material, technology, and features and it is only the color that will change. It is important to note that each model of cleat also has different versions that vary in price based on the quality of the materials used. That is another way to save money and we’ve explained that in full here.

Predator - cheap soccer cleats

Lone Hunter, Cold Blooded, and Nite Crawler Predators. Same cleat. Different colorways

So assuming you are not going for the brand new model that’s just come out for the first time, you can find discounts on the older colors. Brands do have a set period of time by law where retailers aren’t allowed to advertise the product for less than the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). However once that period of time expires, retailers will generally mark down the remaining stock so they can sell out of it.

When they do, there are fantastic discounts to be found and that is the secret to finding cheap soccer cleats. If you see a color you REALLY like, it’s safest to buy it when you see it as there is always the chance it will sell out. But if you are willing to wait and take the risk, you will be able to get that pair of cleats for a discount if it’s still available. At soccerloco, we put all our discount cleats on one page which can be found here. Cleats are regularly discounted anywhere from 15-50% off. If you are looking for cheap soccer cleats, checking that link regularly will pay dividends.

Before buying your pair, we’d recommend reading our guide to soccer cleats to help understand the different parts of the cleat and what’s most important in finding the right pair. We also have guides to recommend cleats by position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward) as well as full guides to cleats for each brand (Nike, adidas, Puma).

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