Puma soccer cleats have seen a number of silos in recent years before finding their groove with the Future and ONE. Previously, they had the evoTOUCH, evoPOWER, and evoSPEED, but those have now been discontinued. While the timeless Puma King once graced the feet of Pele, it is no longer a mainstay in the Puma line up and only sees periodic releases.

Unlike most manufacturers, Puma soccer cleats are not clearly designed for specific player types. With only two silos, they have taken some of their proven strengths and worked them into both offerings so you can’t go wrong. Looking into the details of each silo will make it plain which cleat will best suit your needs.

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Puma ONE

Puma One 19.1

The Puma One 19.1

The Puma ONE takes the best of both worlds from the evoSPEED and evoTOUCH and combines them into one. While it bares more resemblance to the evoTOUCH, it takes cues from the evoSpeed in a few aspects as well. Particularly in the lightweight Pebax soleplate where conical studs at the front and rear aid in acceleration and agility.

The synthetic leather upper is very similar to the evoSPEED, but slightly thicker for added durability. However, thicker does not mean heavier in this case as the cleat is lightweight and somehow still has a sturdy and durable feel. The evoKNIT sock provides optimum fit that hugs the foot tightly and stays snug around the collar.

The Puma ONE is definitely an all-rounder and a wide range of pro players can attest to this. From Kun Aguero and Olivier Giroud to Cesc Fabregas and Hector Bellerin, there really isn’t one type of player that fits this cleat. It can do it all and its easy to see why Puma chose the name ONE after putting a pair on. It really is the combination of the best attributes from previous cleats into ONE.

Puma Future

Puma Future 19.1

The Puma Future 19.1

The Puma Future uses science to design a revolutionary cleat that can be customized to the wearer’s preference. NETFIT lacing technology allows you to lace the cleats however you can imagine giving an ideal fit regardless of your foot shape. Rather than having designated holes for the laces, the upper actually contains numerous holes that laces can go through. Puma even put a few suggested lacing options on the inside lid of the box. Those same holes provide an incredible texture for striking a ball and the effects are noticeable.

The PEBAX outsole is lightweight and reactive and the combination of bladed and conical studs gives excellent traction and maneuverability. The form-fitting textured synthetic upper is truly unique and is fused to the evoKNIT sock for a foot hugging fit that stretches and shapes exactly how you’d want it to. A mid ankle evoKNIT sock keeps the cleat snug around the collar for a comfortable and unrestrictive feel.

While Petr Cech wears the Future, it is primarily flair and attack minded players that have taken to this cleat. The most notable is Antoine Griezmann with Marco Reus, Luis Suarez, and a host of up and coming players also wearing it exclusively.

Puma have given players two solid choices that can do it all. While the ONE might lend itself more towards defenders and central midfielders, it is also worn by top strikers which shows it’s versatility. The Future is definitely aimed at flair players and its hard to find an example of a defender wearing it in the professional ranks. However, it is a fantastic all around cleat that can do it all so it would not be ill suited for the demands of a defender. You really can’t go wrong with either of these cleats and they can do it all.

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