adidas soccer cleats saw an overhaul that started back in 2015. At that time, the company scaled back to two flagship silos (models) with the Ace and X making choices simple for players. The thought was that you either sought to control everything (Ace) or cause chaos with creativity (X). Fast forward 3 years, and the Ace has been replaced by the beloved Predator and the timeless Copa has also worked it’s way back into the regular line up. The Nemeziz is the new kid on the block and is a nice addition that rounds out adidas’ offering.

adidas have captured street culture as well as any brand and they have been reaping the rewards of their 5 year plan that started in 2015. Their soccer cleats have been no exception and they continue to grow in popularity with some of the world’s biggest stars on their athlete roster.

adidas soccer cleats are designed for specific player types and the attributes of each silo line up very well with the marketing so its obvious what cleat will suit your playing style. Be sure to check out our guide to saving money on soccer cleats when you’re done to see how to get the best deal once you’ve identified the perfect pair.

adidas Predator

adidas Predator - adidas soccer cleats

The adidas Predator

The Predator took all the successes of the Ace and went a step further to deliver the perfect evolution of a classic. The laceless design is made possible thanks to Primeknit used in both the upper and the stretchy sockfit collar. They combine to wrap your foot snugly and keep it locked down without sacrificing comfort. A layer of Controlskin covers the Primeknit to make it water tight and give you the control you need in all weather conditions.

In the midfoot area on both the medial and lateral sides, a slightly thicker forged knit is integrated to give the cleat the stability normally provided by a shoe tongue or an external cage. It provides support you can feel when wearing the cleat to protect against rolling your ankle or losing power when making changes of direction.

adidas soccer cleats

Integrated forge knit in the midfoot gives stability

Boost cushioning in the insole and midsole give what adidas promises is the most responsive cushioning ever. If you’ve ever experienced a pair of shoes with the boost sole, you’ll know exactly how good it is. The control frame is injection molded into the outsole and combines nicely with the molded heel to offer further stability for quick movements. The Hybrid studs used in adidas soccer cleats are completely unique and the Predator boasts amplified rotation and traction as a result. Basically, you’ll have no problem with your traction regardless of what kinds of movements you’re making.

adidas have used the tag line “Master Control” for the Predator and they have clearly designed it with the midfield maestro in mind. With players like Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil, and Dele Alli wearing it exclusively, it seems they have hit their mark.

adidas X

adidas X - guide to adidas soccer cleats

the adidas X18+

The X has developed from the cleat for those that “cause chaos” to being adidas’ dedicated speed silo. Everything about this cleat is geared towards speed and it’s lightweight sleek design more than fit the bill for players that like to turn on the afterburners. adidas have even gone as far as describing it as a sprint spike for soccer.

adidas embraced a Drillium philosophy of minimalism when they designed the latest X. They stripped away everything possible to leave only what was necessary. They started with an ultra lightweight and thin upper called skeletal weave which is literally a grid of woven yarns. It is pliable and gives a fantastic touch and feel on the ball while giving grip for whipping in crosses and bending shots. The laceless construction is comfortably snug and combines with the low-cut Clawcollar to give stability and lockdown for explosive sprints and quick changes of direction.

adidas X - Unleash speed

The skeletal weave upper on the adidas X18+

The 3D molded heel gives a secure fit and provides cushioned zones for optimum ankle movement. The Speedframe outsole is ultra lightweight as you would expect and has arrowhead studs in the forefoot and rounded studs in the heel to aid in accelaration and braking.

Overall, the X has an amazing amount of innovation and detail that make it ideal for speedsters. adidas have put a lot of thought into what players really want and it shows up up in numerous details both small and big. For example, the cushioning in the heel has textured bumps in it to give additional grip and keep the cleat locked to your foot. It’s hard to describe in words just how good this cleat is.

You need only to watch any professional game to realize how many pro players have taken to it. Some big names like Marcelo, Bale, and Suarez wear it exclusively and there are literally hundreds of others that have made the X their go to as well.

adidas Nemeziz

adidas Nemeziz - unlock agility

The adidas Nemeziz 18+

The Nemeziz is all about agility and is unlike any cleat ever designed. Inspired by the wraps that boxers use on their hands, the Torsion Tape of the 360 Agility Bandage System hug your foot for a perfect fit right out of the box. The lockdown achieved without laces is remarkable and adidas dipped deep into their bag of design tricks to develop the agility knit used in the synthetic upper.

Everything about this cleat is designed with twisting and turning in mind and the Torsionframe outsole is no exception. It is incredibly lightweight and has Torsion Ribs for push-off support that allow your foot to bend and flex during changes of direction without sacrificing support or traction.

Nemeziz - adidas soccer cleats

The Torsionframe outsole is made for twisting and turning at speed

There are a host of players that wear the Nemeziz, but none embodies who this cleat is designed for more than Lionel Messi himself. If your game is about quick movements and lots of changes of direction, adidas have designed a cleat with you in mind.

adidas Copa

Copa - adidas soccer cleats

adidas Copa

The Copa is a modern take on one of the most iconic cleats ever made. It starts with the leather upper which has been consistent on the Copa since its inception. It provides a soft touch on the ball and molds to your foot over time for superior fit and comfort. However, the modern Copa has a supportive compression inner sock that gives a much tighter form fit to your foot straight out of the box. It really is current and classic design combining for the best.

adidas haven’t just sat back and relied on the reputation of these cleats. They’ve sought to improve all the finer details that you notice when you’re playing 90 minutes in a pair of these. The foam heel pad and OrthoLite sock liner combine perfectly with the molded footbed for an incredibly comfortable experience whatever surface you play on.

The Sprintframe outsole is lightweight but stable and the use of purely conical studs gives that classic traction that so many players have enjoyed through the years. There’s a reason these cleats have been loved by so many players across the world and adidas recognize that. Rather than overhaul for the sake of it, they’ve taken what’s worked well in modern design and subtly worked it in to the cleat. It’s a sure fire formula that ensures these Copas will continue to be loved for may years to come.

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